Jeff is an avid geek and tech hobbyist. He works as a Fraud Analyst for a major Cable and Cellular phone operator in the United States. In his role there, he regularly develops new processes to interact with multiple API vendors and utilize data in various database formats (SQL Server, Hadoop, Teradata, Oracle, and others) to automate processes to detect and prevent fraud. Jeff has been developing code with Python, primarily for automation, ETL, and data manipulation. He has also worked with other technologies such as C# and .NET to build front-end workflow automation and CRUD-style applications.

Jeff has recently undertaken the challenge of obtaining cloud, data-related, and other industry-respected certifications. Thus far, Jeff has achieved the following certifications:

Jeff is currently working on the AWS Solutions Architect Professional certification and Tableau Training. Then he will be moving on to DevOps Professional and then into the Database Engineering Associate certificates. From there, his goals are other certifications related to data engineering and Python.

Jeff is also a retro computer enthusiast. He owns several Atari 8-bit computers and regularly uses them. Jeff plans to teach himself Atari 8 Bit/6502 Assembly Language when time allows. His end goal for this task is to learn the platform and assembly language well enough to put together an online training course to teach it to others. He would eventually like to add an Atari ST to this collection and even dabble a bit in the C64/Amiga lines.

This website is designed to share concepts and ideas that Jeff finds interesting. The main reason he has set up the site is to have a place to post about projects he will develop using AWS technologies - putting into practice the concepts he is learning through his AWS certification journey.

There is no goal to provide frequent or consistent updates to this site in the form of new content. As Jeff develops new skills and completes new projects, he will document them here - but the objective isn’t to deliver two articles every week or every month. Instead, the aim is to provide a place for that documentation and for the project details to live.

If you want to get in touch with Jeff, you can email him at jeffATjeffgoldenDOTme.

Thank you for visiting.